The Slow Concert

The Slow Concert project is a personal declaration against capsule formula for enjoying music. Music shouldn’t be encapsuled in a physical space. Music shouldn’t be enjoyed in a scheduled time. The goal of the Slow Concert is to provide a set of performances temporally distributed according to the score, but slow enough to allow personal reflection on every note. Slow Concert proposes a continuous flow of music that plays in parallel the daily activities, as a background process. A single piece may last a couple of weeks or more, so physical boundaries should be broken. In this sense, Twitter is the portable and always accessible platform ideally fits the requirements.

Right now, there is no sound generated at all. Sound generation is not the most important. Music must be generated in the brain.  The “listener” recreates this music with his own ideal timbre, reverb, loudness and articulation. Slow Concert generates tailor made music according to personal preferences.

Technically speaking, Slow Concert is implemented using Python and the Twitter API. Software is available in Github and it is in constant evolution. The whole project is built in a Raspberry Pi.