This is it.

Iszzzzzzz it.

is Is it?
Is, it is.
It is Is.
is It it?
It, it is.
It is It.

what is it?
What: it is.
is What it?
is It what?
It: what is.
It is what it is.

is Now it?
it is Now.
Now, it is.
now is it?
It now is.
is it Now?
now This is It.

Inspired by the Alvin Lucier’s piece “I am sitting in a room”, the piece takes benefit of the acoustic feedback during the performance to feed an eight buffers digital looper. The sonority of read text detailed below and the simplicity of the acoustic+digital instrument provide a good environment to explore with feedback and rhythmic patterns.

The piece has been presented at:

  • Phonos Makerspace, on 2019, June 4th, at Sala Aranyó, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
  • MontMusic Festival, on 2019, October 19th, Masia de Can Balmes, Santa Maria de Palautordera.

  • Viu Festival, on 2020, February 13th, Hangar, Barcelona (Youtube @ 1:36:45):

This code is available at Github.